Product Range and Services

  • Reinforcement steel 

    Longden Steel supplies the following bars:
    High tensile steel (SANS 920:2005-450Mpa)
    Available diameters (mm) 8; 10; 12; 16; 20; 25; 32
    NB:- Standard length is 12m.

  • Mesh wire 

    Welded mesh fabric for concrete reinforcement that meets SANS 1024:2006 and other  international standards. The wire used in welded mesh has a characteristic strength of (0.43% proof test) a minimum 485MPa compared to 450MPa for high tensile bars.

  • Steel fixing 

    Steelfixing is the labour component of our construction division. This is when we erect and tie the reinforcing bars on site, according to the engineers specifications on the fixing drawing. Steelfixing is a complex operation that is done to reduce labour expenses for the client.

  • Tying wire 
    Used to strap reinforcing steel together on sites.  Its made from Black Annealed wire that is 1.6mm thick or 2mm thick but the former being the most common.
  • Rockbolts/Shepherd Crooks

 Longden steel has moved to supplying roofing solutions for the mining industry through the different rock bolts that are used underground to support the upper lays. The materials are made from different components that all meet SABS/ SANZ standards.  Our products are designed in-house and Longden maintains a very strong research and development focus aimed at improving safety and reducing total cost of ownership.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding any of our products.



  1.  Econet Head Office- Switch Rooms – Highlands
  2. Manyame River Bridge
  3. UZ Technical Department
  4. UZ Water Reservoir
  5. Clinical Laboratories
  6. Disaster Recovery Center – Stanbic Msasa
  7. PM’s Residence
  8. Zimplats Accommodation Block
  9. Zimra Flats Beitbridge
  10. Solusi University – Buluwayo.
  11. Unki Mine Infrastucture- Vent Fan